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Google Analytics makes it easy for our marketing strategist to keep track of our customer’s journey by connecting their online behavior, channel performance, and much more across their web portal and apps in robust reports and dashboards.

Jan 19

The cloud marketplace network. This is where collaborative communication begins

KGS Creative Consulting have the experience and expertise to create and help our clients to develop a strong cloud-internet presence by providing marketing solutions, tools and training so that your company can keep their online presence current.

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Creative Analytical Data gives us the ability to use digital metric tools our customers need to analyze their data from all touch-points in one place, for a deeper understanding of the customer experience. You can then share the insights that matter with your whole organization.

Jan 15

Dashboard Analytics for iPhone and iPad

We are currently collaborating with industry-leading solution providers, government agencies and manufactures of consumer cloud-based technology to build integrated modules of applications and solutions that can propel consumers, suppliers, technology partners and delivery services to a whole new level of connected-transport mobility.

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Our drivers arrive curbside at it's riders request, you can track the arrival of your ride, you can receive a text message when your driver arrives, the credit card on file is charged after your ride, and you will receive an email receipt detailing your trip.

Jan 12

Dashboard Mobile location Apps for Dallas Yellow Cab | Dallas TX

Dallas Yellow Cab is a Transportation company that offers both compliance to city taxi-limousine code and the development of innovative software that allows anyone to request a ride via mobile app, text message, or the web.

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Dashboard mobile scheduling and location apps for keeping students safe, secure and productive.

Jan 05

Dashboard Mobile Apps for Houston ISD | Houston Texas

Safely and securely navigate the Houston ISD school district around you with our Houston Mobile app now available for iPad. Houston ISD parents, students, community members and staff can get comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Apple Maps local search, guided turn-by-turn navigation, school transit directions, and more. Use our Houston Mobile app to find contact numbers, district and school staff information and access to the Parent Portal.

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