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SimpliGO Personalized Transport

SimpliGO is a industry-leading applications and solutions provider for mobility agents, developers of consumer cloud-based technologies, transport managers, delivery services, healthcare facilities and commercial service providers who provide services for keeping people safe, secure and productive.Today’s global businesses are impacted by the rapid effects of networks. In fact, some of the world’s most successful companies are network-based. Networks have shifted the focus from buying products to buying outcomes. They support a business model that allows every member to focus on delivering value. Networks are also built upon agile platforms that can adapt to deliver outcomes despite changing business needs. Thus generating the "network effect" allowing all members to derive greater value as more members join. |read more

Edge Technologies

Through our core practices in Data Integration and Data Visualization, Edge products and services facilitate faster, more complete data integration; user-centric, customized visualizations; easy, secure information sharing; and enhanced operational awareness across a diverse set of information stakeholders. Edge has been delivering leading-edge solutions in many of the world’s most sophisticated network, intelligence, operational and logistics environments since 1993. Recognized for the ability to identify, adopt and deploy emerging technology platforms, Edge’s industry-leading products, such as N-Vision and enPortal, have proven to be groundbreaking solutions that stand the test of time. Edge Technologies’ latest innovation, AppBoard, sets a new standard for innovation in real-time data integration and custom visualizations for network and systems management. AppBoard combines a visualization Builder and SDK to fulfill the prerequisites for time-sensitive decision-making in today’s dynamic world. |read more

PHP Transport DMN

Today’s global businesses are faced with the common challenge to respond to unplanned and unexpected market opportunities in real-time. The real challenges for these global enterprises are constantly being driven by high customer demands and expectations to delivery a quality product. PHP Transport is currently working with industry-leading solution providers, government agencies and manufactures of consumer tracking applications to build an integrated modules of applications and solutions that can propel consumers, suppliers, technology partners and delivery services to a whole new level of connected-transport management. PHP Transport services are focused on the implementation of consumer-specific solutions and the development of customized dynamic scheduling applications to meet the needs of industries and companies seeking to keep people safe, secure and productive. PHP Transport Professional Services is uniquely positioned to provide consumer-capable, dynamic scheduling solutions that help organizations maximize the use of limited resources and ensure that valuable assets remain safe. |read more

SimpliGO Campus Discovery DMN

SimpliGO Campus Community Discovery (C2D) Digital Marketplace Network (DMN) has been rapidly gaining importance in the social media community for the past decade. Driven by the idea of igniting the explorer in all of us the C2D DMN seeks to deliver rich creative media assets through groundbreaking storytelling from the best and brightest industry professionals, new-generation explorers (NGE), campus historians, and everyday people in the community. The overall vision is to offer the new-generation explorers (NGE) true in-depth intellectual experiences across an unparalleled presentation of media assets: digital streaming channels, integrated geo-mapping, intelligent automation to artificial intelligence, creative community graphic novels, student research, explorations, discovery, video, events, and digital and social marketplace platforms. |read more