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Woody Buckner

You know you need to do something... bold, dramatic, and now! You’re the one responsible for igniting your people. For leading them to take a first bold step toward a dramatic disruption of an unacceptable status quo. For doing nothing less in these do-or-die times than igniting strategic destiny. Welcome, let’s get started . . . Woody Buckner is igniting strategic destiny, real actionable change, for leaders, teams, and cultures of business, government and nonprofit. Woody Buckner has 30 years hands-on experience on the frontlines of transformational leadership as public policy analyst, corporate development architect, general manager, entrepreneur, CEO of international companies, Independent Leadership Guide and Global Leadership Artist. He is a leader of leaders, distinguishing himself at companies, organizations, multi-collaborative movements and government institutions around the world. Woody. |read more

Dallas Area Rapit Transit

Curb-to-curb public transportation service for people with disabilities who are unable to use DART buses or trains. DART Paratransit Service is a curb-to-curb public transportation service for people with disabilities who are unable to use DART buses or trains. Paratransit is a shared-ride service operated with modern, accessible vehicles, and taxi cabs. Riders who are unable to access vans by using steps can use the wheelchair lifts or ramps. On the large accessible vans, boarding chairs are available upon request. DART also offers free travel training, along with travel ambassadors, to persons with disabilities who are capable of riding accessible bus and rail services. |read more

ONE Network

One Network’s Real Time Value Network™ provides community based supply chain solutions in the cloud to help customers increase profitability and efficiencies by optimizing their supply chain operations. Our software solutions enables customers to easily collaborate with all their value chain participants on a single network ─ customers, partners, carriers and suppliers. Companies struggle to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace. To succeed, they must react to short-term challenges while still furthering their long-term strategic vision. The Real Time Value Network’s Integrated Business Planning services optimizes your short-term decisions while ensuring that your long-term goals are being met. The cloud-based Real Time Value Network tracks, monitors, and plans continuously and in real time. The Real Time Value Network is designed to provide value for multiple industries. Leaders in retail, CPG, High-Tech, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Logistics, and Public Sector and Defense are already connected to the Real Time Value Network. With more than 30,000 organizations are already connected to the Real Time Value Network, some of your trading partners are probably already onboarded. |read more

Dallas ISD

Dallas ISD boasts several U.S. Blue Ribbon Schools, 30 Exemplary and 67 Recognized schools as determined by the Texas Education Agency and is steadily increasing its graduation rate. The Dallas Independent School District is proud of its award-winning schools, its outstanding teachers and staff, hard-working students and committed parents and volunteers. We are the 14th largest school district in the nation with a diverse population of more than 157,000 students. Serving these students are more than 20,000 employees, making the Dallas ISD one of the largest employers in the city. With 230 schools and more than 157,000 students, Dallas ISD is home to the top two public high schools in the country (Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center's School of Science and Engineering and School for the Talented and Gifted) as reported by The Washington Post and Newsweek. In addition, the number of Dallas ISD students taking and scoring a 3 or above on Advanced Placement exams increased again in 2011, continuing a 16-year upward swing in preparing students for college. |read more